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Filing Requirements

(e) email@hmcip.com.au
(p) +61 2 8267 7300
(f) +61 2 9264 5154
PO Box R1791
Royal Exchange NSW 1225

Foreign Associates

We act directly both in Australia and New Zealand and so are able to offer an attractive discount if we are instructed simultaneously to file applications in both countries. We also provide representation in many Pacific Rim countries, including Papua New Guinea.

Our offices are equipped to enable us to communicate effectively with you, whether it be by email, telephone, mail, fax, “Skype” or web conference.

With 200 years of combined experience, our principals and professional staff have expertise in a wide range of technological fields. We are able to offer you a highly professional service, which will ensure that the rights of your clients are effectively protected.

We also have a large local client base (with over 70% of our clients being Australian). This means that we are in a position to establish reciprocal relationships with you. Indeed, we place great importance on the enjoyment of mutually advantageous relationships.

The international nature of the practice is supported by our multi-lingual staff who are able to communicate with you in French, German, Japanese, Swiss German and Spanish.

For filing requirements in Australia, please click here – this will be a link to a PDF copy of the Filing Requirements in Australia.

For filing requirements in New Zealand, please click here – this will be a link to a PDF copy of the Filing Requirements in New Zealand.

Foreign Associates
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